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At Friedrichshain-Berlin we offer extra virgin olive oil, made in Italy and PDO (EU certification for Protected Designation of Origin), obtained from millennial olive trees and produced by local family companies with centuries of experience and tradition, and bio-ecological cosmetics without allergens made with olive oil and quince. "Mens sana in corpore sano", "Ein gesunder Geist in einem gesunden Körper" Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis Take care of your health. Porco Rosso - Olive Oil Boutique


Wühlischstraße 39
Friedrichshain, Berlin 10245



  • Our Products:
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil "De Paolis",
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Sabina PDO" (Protected Designation of Origin) "Bellini",
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Marfuga",
  • Monocultivar Raja "Bellini",
  • Aromatic Oils (lemon, orange, rosemary, white and black truffle, basil, chili pepper, mixed spices) "Bellini" and "Marfuga",
  • In-Oils "Marfuga" (baby artichokes and dry tomatoes),
  • Patés "Marfuga" (black and green olives),
  • Sauces "Marfuga" (asparagus, truffle, baby artichokes, artichokes and olives, bruschetta),
  • "Bellini" Creams (Chocolate, Almonds and Pistachio) made with extra virgin olive oil Sabina PDO,
  • Bio-Cosmetics with olive oil and quince "Natura Naturans" (face cream, anti-wrinkle cream, eye contour cream, lip repairing cream, hand cream, foot cream, moisturizing body cream, body wash, shampoo, hair conditioner, intimate liquid soap, toothpaste).
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  • Free Wifi


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1 Bewertung
Sebastian Olenyi
Bestes Olivenöl der Stadt

Die besten Olivenöle der Stadt - und dabei noch eine super Beratung und viele zusätzliche Produkte aus der tollen Frucht: Kosmetik, Schokocreme, ...

Januar 2019

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